OPTIKA B-290LD1 LED Fluorescence Microscope – Trinocular


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This series incorporates all the experience gathered by OPTIKA Microscopes in the field of light microscopy, adapted specifically for common laboratory applications. Suitable for routine microscopy with brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and LED fluorescence, designed to last. Show Benefits (+) Images are for illustrative purposes only BEST VALUE-FOR-MONEY SOLUTION AND VERSATILE USE SUITABLE FOR TEACHERS, EXPERTS & ROUTINE LAB One of the most flexible microscopes in the world. For secondary school, higher education and laboratories. Ideal for education, biology, histology. PRICE/PERFORMANCE RATIO Binocular and trinocular heads with 20mm field number. N-PLAN objectives for high numerical apertures and flat images. Convenient, rackless moving stage to prevent scrapes. OPTIMUM AND UNPARALLELED COMFORT IN USE The B-290TB offers you a unique, incomparable solution, including a built-in camera of 3Mp and a Windows tablet with large touch screen, for a responsive and smooth control. Simultaneous camera and power connection ensure long-term operation, with dependable results in one click. It offers a reliable and comfortable solution for open discussion, with 360° rotating and tilting tablet, easily detachable, that can be used as a laptop. B-290TB – A COMPLETELY NEW, REVOLUTIONARY EXPERIENCE BREAK NEW GROUND WITH TABLET PC Get accurate, dependable results in one click Equipped with the most reliable OS, Windows 10 Holding solution for open discussion, 360° rotating and tilting OPTIMUM AND UNPARALLELED COMFORT IN USE Large touch screen of 10.1″ with fast, responsive and smooth control Easily detachable, can be used as a laptop (keyboard included) Simultaneous camera and power connection for long-term operation X-LED3 EXCLUSIVE LIGHTING SOURCE Special technology able to double the light intensity for incomparable performance, ensuring constant pure-white color temperature (6.300K color temperature). Relevant money and energy saving thanks to the incredibly low energy consumption which allows you to cut the electricity bills by 90%! X-LED3 – EXCLUSIVE LIGHTING SOURCE POWERFUL AND UNIFORM ILLUMINATION Unmatched color fidelity and brightness of your specimen Special technology, able to double the light intensity Constant pure-white color temperature (6.300K) CUT ELECTRICITY BILLS BY 90% Money & energy saving Low power consumption, only 3.6 W LED long lifetime (65,000 hours = 25 years at 8 hours/day usage) LABORATORY GRADE OPTICS, N-PLAN & IOS N-PLAN SYSTEM OPTIKA N-PLAN objectives ensure bright, clear images with excellent flatness and compensation for chromatic aberration. IOS Infinity-corrected optical system prevents image deterioration even if other optical components are added, such as polarizers, beamsplitters and so on. IOS – INFINITY OPTICAL SYSTEM LABORATORY GRADE OPTICS Planachromatic optics with more than 90% flat field Optimum quality on 20mm field (N-PLAN) True infinity optical system A COMPLETE SYSTEM Optional 20x and 60x objectives available Use the polarizing set without any distortion of the final image Fully centerable condenser for precise light control EASY TRANSPORTATION B-290 has a carefully shaped design that gives stability and ease in the transportation. Thanks to the handle on the back, it can be safely moved around the classroom or the laboratory. CLEAR OBSERVATION WITH 100X OBJECTIVE Students and basic users will enjoy B-290 Series for the clear and sharp images they can get using 100x objective with water, thanks to the extremely bright X-LED³ light source and the fully centerable Abbe condenser. Forget about the tedious lens cleaning you are used to when using 100x objective: dirt and dust will not affect your objective. SAFE AND CONVENIENT OPERATIONS The rackless stage has been designed with a belt-driven mechanism that allows a smooth movement without any protruding part. This design gives you a more compact solution and lowers any risk of injury after accidentally hitting the rack with your hands. LARGE SPECIMEN VIEW (20MM FIELD NUMBER) The F.O.V. (field of view) is based on a comfortable diameter of 20mm. This means that a wide area of the sample can be inspected and allows a natural and easy view, particularly needed in a laboratory environment. Specifications Observation mode Brightfield. Head Binocular, 360° rotating and 30° inclined, Interpupillary distance 48-75mm (B-292LD1 & B-292LD1.50) Trinocular, 360° rotating and 30° inclined, Interpupillary distance 48-75mm (B-293LD1 & B-293LD1.50) Dioptric adjustement on the left eyepiece tube. Eyepiece WF10x/20 mm, high eye-point and secured by a screw. Nosepiece Quadruple revolving nosepiece, rotation on ball bearings. Objectives IOS N-PLAN 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40, 40x/0.65 & IOS W-PLAN 100x/0.80 (Dry), with anti-fungus treatment (B-292LD1 & B-293LD1) IOS N-PLAN 10x/0.25,..

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