OPTIKA B-383LD Trinocular LED Fluorescence Microscope – Blue Filter Set Only


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The OPTIKA B-380 ia an educational and laboratory microscope for routine applications. Dye-cast frame, with high stability and ergonomy, for transmitted light observation. GENERAL FEATURES Optical system & objectives: The models of the B-380 series are equipped, depending on version, with two different types of optical systems: the standard 160mm one and the infinity corrected system (IOS). In both cases the field diameter of the eyepieces is 20mm. Microscope stand: Modern and ergonomic, this stand is made of die-cast aluminum. Coarse and fine focusing (graduation: 0.002mm) with coaxial control knobs. Adjustable focusing tension and limit stop. Heads: The heads are equipped with interpupillary distance control (55-75 mm) as well with dioptric compensation. All heads are 360° rotatable and 30° inclined. Illumination: The illuminating system consists of X-LED source. The brightness can be adjusted by a rheostat located on the left side of the microscope base. X-LED3 – The future of illumination OPTIKA is proud to introduce its own revolutionary LED powered illumination system. Developed by our R&D dept. it consists of a new combination of LED and optical technology. A new high-efficiency single chip LED works in combination with a special optical lens, which allows to double the intensity of the light generated by the LED itself. The result is a quantity of light equivalent to the light generated by a standard 50W halogen bulb, but with a color temperature of 6300K. It means white light instead of the yellow one produced by halogen bulbs. The electrical consumption (3.6W only) shows the high efficiency of the system: same light intensity with less than 10% of the consumption of a standard halogen bulb. Last but not least, the lifetime of our LED is 50,000 hours, instead of 1,500 hours …! MADE IN ITALY B-383LD1 & B-383LD2 Specifications Head Trinocular, 30° inclined, 360° rotating. Interpupillary adjustment 48-75 mm. Eyepieces Wide Field 10x/20mm (accepts 21mm micrometer) Objectives IOS N-PLAN 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x (oil/water) View Optika Objective Brochure Nosepiece Quintuple reversed revolving nosepiece. Ball bearing rotation. Stage Double layer mechanical sliding stage, dimensions 216 x 150mm, moving range 78 x 54mm. X-axis rackless Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focusing with limit stop Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25, iris diaphragm, focusable and centrable Illuminator Transmitted light: X-LED3, with manual brightness control. 3.6 Watt LED Luminous flux: 200 lumen Luminous intensity: 900 cd Equivalent to a dichroic halogen lamp with 20W, Equivalent to a standard halogen lamp with 50W Correlated Color Temperature: 6300K Pure white, no need of blue correction filter. Epi-fluorescence: high-power blue LED (B filter set). (B-383LD1) Epi-fluorescence: high-power white LED (B and G filter sets). (B-383LD2) Warranty Ten (10) Years mechanical and optical parts Two (2) Years electrical Standard Filter Set Name Excitation filter (nm) Dichroic mirror cut-off (nm) Emission filter (nm) B (Blue) 460 – 490 505 515LP G (Green) 510 – 550 570 590LP B-383LD1 Technical Sheet Download File B-383LD2 Technical Sheet Download File B-383LD User’s Manual Download File OPTIKA B-383LD Trinocular LED Fluorescence Microscope

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