OPTIKA B-510POL-I Trinocular Polarizing Microscope w/ Transmitted & Incident Illumination


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Polarized light technique enhances the contrast and quality of the image obtained with birefringent materials, ensuring a high sensitivity in qualitative and quantitative studies on a wide range of specimens, especially in crystallography, geology, mineralogy and earth science but also in biology (especially for gout analysis). OPTIKA B-510 polarized light microscopes include special components exclusive to this class, such as a strain-free objectives (IOS W-PLAN POL for transmitted light only, or IOS LWD W-PLAN POL for reflected and transmitted), Bertrand lens, filters, condenser, and 360° rotating graduated stage. The full Köhler system optimizes the microscope optical path to produce high sample contrast and homogeneous bright light, reducing image artifacts, whilst the state-of-the-art, exclusive X-LED lighting source (with transmitted light only or reflected and transmitted) makes sure your specimen will be properly and homogeneously illuminated with incredibly low consumption and significantly long lifespan. With a field of view of 22 mm, B-510 polarized light microscopes offers a reliable and durable solution delivering contrasted and sharp images through the impressive optics. Show Benefits (+) POLARIZED LIGHT The polarized light microscope is designed to observe specimens that are visible primarily due to their optical anisotropic or birefringent features. Polarized light microscopy is perhaps best known for its applications in the geological sciences, which focusses primarily on the study of minerals in rock thin sections. However, a wide variety of other materials can be examined in polarized light, including both natural and industrial minerals, concrete, ceramics, mineral fibers, polymers, starch, wood, urea. The technique can be used both qualitatively and quantitatively with success, and is an outstanding tool for the materials sciences, geology, chemistry, biology, metallurgy, and even diagnostic (gout analysis). B-510 Series is available also in different techniques (darkfield, brightfield, fluorescence, material science, phase contrast). IMPROVING THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF MICROSCOPY EXPERIENCE TOP IMAGES COME FROM IMPRESSIVE OPTICS Trinocular heads with 22mm field number True infinity optical system available (IOS) Fully centerable condenser for precise light control LABORATORY GRADE OPTICS IOS W-PLAN objectives, high numerical apertures Planachromatic optics with more than 90% flat field Significant optical correction, low field curvature and distortion BEST RESOLUTION, COLOR AND CONTRAST WITH KÖHLER ILLUMINATION B-510 Series is equipped with Köhler which optimizes the microscope optical path to produce high sample contrast and homogeneous bright light, reducing image artifacts, reflections and glares. In this way, you will achieve the full control over the illumination aperture to reach the best compromise between resolution and contrast and for some enhancements on the depth of field. IMPROVING IMAGE QUALITY WHEN EXAMINING BIREFRINGENT MATERIALS Normally the polarizer and analyzer are aligned in the light path at right angles, but when they are adjusted, the light is able to pass through the filters at different angles, allowing you to see different aspects of the specimen. As the components of a birefringent, anisotropic sample are also aligned at different angles, a rotation of the filter (or the rotating stage, if present) will generate different effects and colors, required to understand more about the specimen composition. X-LED3 EXCLUSIVE LIGHTING SOURCE Achieve bright images, improved color fidelity, pure white color temperature, incredibly low energy consumption and longer lifespan with the unique X-LED technology, able to double the light intensity for incomparable performance. Relevant money and energy saving thanks to the incredibly low energy consumption which allows you to cut the electricity bills by 90%! SAFE AND CONVENIENT OPERATIONS The rackless stage has been designed with a belt-driven mechanism that allows a smooth movement without any protruding part. This design gives you a more compact solution and lowers any risk of injury after accidentally hitting the rack with your hands. A NEW FRONTIER IN ERGONOMIC PRODUCT DESIGN ELEGANT DESIGN WITHSTANDING EVERYDAY USE Ergonomic positioning of the main controls Long lasting mechanical parts, rackless moving stage Maintenance-free illumination system EASY TO CARRY, LIGHT, STEADY Improving productivity, reducing fatigue Increases job accuracy and quality Easily portable, with comfortable hand-grip EXTRA LARGE SPECIMEN VIEW (22 MM FIELD NUMBER) Enjoy a 22 mm field of view ensures you to gain peripheral view and comfort when observing the specimen. This means more efficient inspections and allows a natural and easy view, particularly needed in a laboratory..

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