OPTIKA C-HE 2.0 Megapixel HDMI CMOS Camera, 720P HD


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Cameras have become indispensable nowadays and OPTIKA is offering a line of remarkable solutions for digital imaging. OPTIKA H Series is composed by good definition cameras , allowing to capture high quality images through a simple connection to TV, monitor or projector via HDMI, representing a reliable and cost-effective solution equipped with the latest technology sensors with more vivid colors and great contrast for stunning images. This series features Aptina CMOS sensor or top-class Sony CMOS sensor with excellent color reproduction and significantly high frame rates. Thanks to the convenience and simplicity, being extremely intuitive to install and operate, the OPTIKA H Series is the perfect response for various applications in educational and professional fields, industrial quality control and all laboratories. H Series cameras can be simply controlled via a mouse, and they can record live video, or capture images to a removable SD card (supplied, 16G). Cost-effective HDMI camera for routine applications Recommended for educational use, industrial quality control and all laboratories Aptina CMOS sensor with excellent color reproduction for routine applications 720p HD (2 MP, 1280 x 720) C-mount connection Mouse, 16G SD card and HDMI cable also included Show Benefits (+) WORLD-CLASS VIEWING EXPERIENCE HDMI is built to accommodate extremely high-resolution video and deep color, with an extremely reliable color fidelity. One cable does it all! HDMI technology transmits crystal-clear digital video and advanced control data through a single cable. One HDMI cable can replace as many as eleven older cables, making the connection much easier. You won’t find that level of elegant simplicity in any other connection. Specifications Digital camera resolution 2 MP (1280 x 720) Signal output HDMI Sensor Size 1/2.8″ Sensor technology CMOS Sensor type APTINA Image format 16/9 Pixel size 2.8 x 2.8 μm Frame rate (HDMI) 30 fps (1280 x 720) Sensitivity 510 mV at 1/30sec Dark Signal 0.15mV at 1/30sec Exposure Time 0.06 msec – 1900 msec Binning 1×1 IR filter 380-650 nm (IR-cut filter) Camera power DC 12V C-mount YES Accessories HDMI Cable YES Memory card SD card slot (16G) Mouse YES Environment Specifications Working temperature -10 up to +50°C Storage temperature -20 up to +60°C Relative Humidity 30% to 80% Storage Humidity 10% to 60% Dimensions 65 x 78 x 88 mm Weight 0.5 Kg C-HE Data Sheet Download File OPTIKA C-HE 2.0 Megapixel HDMI CMOS Camera, 720P HD

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