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56-LED ring light illuminator, with brightness control. Compact, with 360° rotating ring connector. Illuminance (at 10 cm distance): >8,000 lux. Suitable for LAB, SZM and SZO. Specifications Chromaticity coordinates (x,y) 0.320, 0.320 (pure white), 6300K Optical power Luminous flux: 240 lumen. Illuminance (at 10 cm distance): 8,000 lux (on 3cm diameter) Power supply Brightness adjustment knob. Main power switch 0/1. External power supply provided. Input: 110/240 Vac 50/60 Hz Output: 12 Vdc 1,500 mA. Accessories Fixing ring for stereo heads. OPTIKA CL-14 LED Ring Light Illuminator

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