OPTIKA CL-41 Double Arm X-LED Illuminator w/ Brightness Control


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Double flexible arm (L = 60 cm) with double X-LED 3W. CL-41 Specifications Light sources LED (x2) With 3.5W high efficiency X-LED Chromaticity coordinates (x,y) 0.320, 0.320 (pure white) Optical power Luminous flux: 400 lumen Illuminance (at 10 cm distance): 170000 lux Aperture angle 25° Power supply Brightness control potentiometer. External power supply provided. Input: 110/240 Vac 50/60 Hz; output: 12 Vdc 1500 mA CL-41 Data Sheet Download File CL-30/CL-31/CL-41 User’s Manual Download File OPTIKA CL-41 Double Arm X-LED Illuminator with Brightness Control

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Weight 8 lbs