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The Italian born Optika Microscope is one of the only microscope manufacturers in the world to offer solar battery packs for their microscopes! Today, where conservation and green consciousnesses is omnipresent, the Optika M-069 Solar Battery Pack is an essential tool for many microscopist. Whether using the portable Optika B-150 LED Monocular Microscope for class or field studies, or the Optika Biological B-290 Series in remote areas without electricity for the diagnosis of Malaria, for studying bacteria found in pond water, or for the every day uses of environmentalists – all will find the Optika M-069 Solar Battery Pack an extremely beneficial accessory for a wide variety of uses with the Optika Microscopes. M-069 Specifications Battery Polymer Lithium-Ion Capacity 2600 mAh Input Voltage 5Vdc – Connect via USB/micro-USB cable to an external USB power supply (not included) Output 5.5Vdc 1A Charging time About 5 hours Battery operating time Over 6 hours at medium intensity (X-LED3) Solar Panel Output 80mA (at 1000W/m2 light) Working Temperature -10°C ~ +55°C Compatible OPTIKA Microscopes: B-50 M-100FLed B-151 B-153 B-155 B-157 B-159 B-150POL-M B-150POL-B B-151ALC B-153ALC B-155ALC B-157ALC B-159ALC B-150POL-MALC B-150POL-BALC B-191 B-191s B-192 B-192s B-193 B-292 B-292PLi B-293 B-382PL-ALC B-383PL B-382PLi-ALC B-383PLi B-382PH-ALC B-383PH B-382PHi-ALC B-383PHi B-383POL B-383MET B-383LD1 B-383LD2 B-383DK M-069 User’s Manual Download File

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