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Fluorescence attachment with mercury lamp: Fluorescence with 6-position filterwheel and HBO mercury lamp Specifications Source HBO mercury vapour lamp. Power: 100W Lifetime: about 300h Knobs for lamp and rear mirror centering. Filters 6 positions fluorescence filter holder Standard mounted filter sets: B: EX 460-490, DM 500, EM 510LP; G: EX 510-550, DM 570, EM 590LP Diaphgrams Aperture and field diaphgrams Power supply Included. 100/240Vac, 50/60Hz Fuse: T3, 15A 250V Max power required: 130W Dimensions 620 mm overall length Compatible OPTIKA Microscopes: B-1000 M-1032-EU / M-1032-UK / M-1032-US OPTIKA M-1032 6-Position HBO Fluorescence Attachment

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