OPTIKA M-1075 4x IOS U-PLAN F Objective


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OPTIKA IOS U-PLAN F objectives represent the state-of-the-art lenses for upright microscopes, specifically developed for top-class performance and contrast required by the most demanding users. The PLAN-Fluorite (or Semi-Apochromatic) design ensures additional spherical aberration correction for superior resolution and greater numerical apertures. A superb resolution and contrast is granted especially for fluorescence applications, being very effective with UV fluorescence, but their extended versatility makes them an excellent product for other microscopic techniques. They are designed to ensure field flatness up to F.N. 25. Specifications Magnification 4x Numerical Aperture 0.13 Mechanical tube length IOS (infinity-corrected tube length) Compatible OPTIKA Microscopes: B-1000 OPTIKA M-1075 4x IOS U-PLAN F Objective

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