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Your digital unmet needs find in OPTIKAM WiFi their solution. The years of experience have allowed Optika to develop a WiFi camera that meets and fulfills the diverse needs related to imaging. OPTIKAM WiFi is the solution! Our WiFi camera is equipped with a 5 mega pixels sensor, USB connection and C & C-short mount. OPTIKAM WiFi offers the Easiest way to show the camera live view on your Smartphone or on any other O.S. having a WiFi connection. The on-board software allows any user to show the camera live view by simply running the browser and introducing the WiFi camera address. This innovative system provides live video images in various resolutions and the the ability to record photos and videos directly on your Smartphone or Tablet. Not any Software or App is needed as the software is On-board the WiFi camera, this generally called Browser connection avoids you to have any Wifi Router. Despite of the On-board software some Apps are also available. Last but not least more than 20 Users are simultaneously allowed to be connected so they can friendly use the WiFi camera on their own IOS, Windows, BlackBerry or Android systems. OPTIKAM WiFi is the best solution for various applications above all in the education field. View OPTIKA Microscope Adapter Chart OPTIKAM WiFi Specifications PC camera resolution 5 Mega Pixels WiFi camera resolution 2 Mega Pixels Signal output USB 2.0, WiFi Audio Signal NO Sensor Size 1/2.5″ Sensor technology Micron CMOS Image format 4/3 Full Image size 2592 x 1944 Pixel size 2.2 x 2.2 micron USB Frame rate Full resolution 3 frames/sec: 2592 x 1944 USB Frame rate other resolutions 11 frames/sec: 640 x 480, 8 frames/sec: 1024 x 768 WiFi Frame rate Low resolution 2 frames/sec: 640 x 480 with 10 users WiFi Frame rate other resolutions 1 frames/sec: 1024 x 768 with 10 users, 1 frames/3sec: 1600 x 1200 with 10 users WiFi Speed 802.11n 150Mbps WiFi Signal from the camera WiFi Router requirements NO WiFi password NO WiFi Antenna 2.4GHz 5DB WiFi Signal ready About 40 sec from the first power up Ethernet port NO Sensitivity 0.53 V/Lux-Second at 550nm Signal / noise ratio 40.5 dB Dynamic range >60 dB Max Exposure time Automatic ADC conversion 8 BIT Color Depth 8 BIT ON board Memory NO External Memory Card NO External camera power 5 V 2000mA Cooling system NO External Cooling power NO On camera case IR Filter 650 nm Automatic White Balance Auto / Man Automatic Gain Control Auto / Man Automatic Back light control Auto / Man Exposure control Auto / Man C-Mount connection YES, Available CS-Mount connection YES, ready Accessories included 1.8 m USB cable, power supply, Installation manual, CD Rom Warranty Two (2) years Software Specifications WiFi System requirements Windows Tablet, Android Tablet, IOS Tablet, IOS Phone, Android Phone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry WiFi users allowed 10 Users: good live view speed 20 Users: slow live view speed 30 Users: very slow live view Speed WiFi available APP Via Browser: NO APP is needed WiFi Additional available APP For IOS and Android WiFi Capture features Image size WiFi Control parameters Automatic USB System requirements Windows Vista / win7 / win8 / 32-64 bit , USB 2.0 USB Supplied Software Optika Vision Lite USB Driver types No Driver (Microsoft Driver) USB Capture features Continuous auto white balance, continuous auto exposure, image size, image capture, compressed video capture USB Control parameters Brightness, contrast, tonality, saturation, sharpness, gamma, white Balance, background General Specifications Working temperature +0 up to +50°C Storage temperature -10 up to +50°C Relative Humidity up to 80% Dimensions 7 x 7 cm Height: 4 cm Height with optical adapter: 12 cm Weight 80 gr OPTIKAM WiFi Technical Sheet Download File OPTIKA OPTIKAM WiFi Digital Camera – 5 Mega Pixels

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