OPTIKA SFX Binocular Stereo Microscope on Pillar Stand – Rechargeable – 20X 40X


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OPTIKA SFX/STEREO Series includes a wide selection of stereo microscopes designed to satisfy every need in both teaching and amateur fields. Slim and easy to carry solutions, it is equipped with all you need to start learning to use a scientific instrument: 20 mm field of view, up to 40x maximum magnification, several options concerning illumination (including rechargeable batteries), objectives, and stands. Show Benefits (+) Images are for illustrative purposes only GREENOUGH OPTICAL SYSTEM The V-shape optical path of Greenough allows us to design a very compact and a slim unit, highly versatile and appreciated for the 3D viewing. Vertical heads or 45° inclined to grant comfortable posture to the user even after several hours of operation. DESIGNED FOR SIMPLICITY & THE YOUNGEST USERS DESIGNED FOR NOVICE USERS Extremely reliable microscopes Particularly recommended for primary school Ideal for education, biology and material science EDUCATIONAL STEREO MICROSCOPES Choose among monocular and binocular heads Generally, 20mm field number Equipped with high performance LED illumination ATTENTION TO DETAIL HANDY, YET EXTREMELY STABLE Compact, practical and intuitive to use Optics ensuring good quality images Get impressive images and live videos with cameras EASY TO TAKE CARE OF Sturdy, durable for extended lifetime Only simple lens cleaning is required time to time Dust cover protects from environmental contaminants SUITABLE FOR FIELD USE CORDLESS, EASILY TRANSPORTABLE Stable, yet compact and light weight Long-lasting, up to 10 hours from a single charge. Can be transported for being used on site NO NEED FOR POWER CONNECTION Powered by rechargeable batteries (SFX models) Extremely easy and fast vision Always ready to work A NEW FRONTIER IN ILLUMINATION ADJUSTMENT HIGH COMFORT TOUCH CONTROL Light intensity settable via a simple click 5 pre-set intensity levels On transmitted (Tra) and incident (Inc) light FULFILL ALL THE LEARNING CHALLENGES Turnable objective with up to 3 magnifications Precision stand for accurate focusing 3.2 MP integrated digital camera (on SFX-91D) 360° ROTATING HEADS SFX-51 and SFX-52 have a 360° rotating head, for the most comfortable teaching experience. The head, through rotation, can be shared among different users or adjusted to the user position. LWD – Long Working Distance ST-50Led has a special objective with long working distance that allows you to inspect bulky samples, thanks also to its overhanging arm stand and LED flexible incident light. CAPTURE & DISPLAY IMAGES ON YOUR PC The 3 MP camera integrated in the SFX-91D head easily captures pictures and videos, providing sharp images in a very intuitive and user-friendly way, being ideal also for the first experiences in digital microscopy. Discover new horizons! Specifications Head Binocular, 45° inclined Eyepieces WF 10x/20 Objectives 2x – 4x selectable (SFX-31) 1x – 3x selectable (SFX-32) Magnification 20x – 40x selectable (SFX-31) 10x – 30x selectable (SFX-32) Working distance 57 mm Stand Pillar with focus mechanism Focusing By means of a rack and pinion controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the microscope Stage Fitted with a semi-transparent plastic disc for transmitted light with specimen clamps Illumination Double adjustable illuminator for incident and transmitted light fitted with two high-efficiency 1 W LED light sources. Internal NiMH rechargeable battery. Up to 8 hours of use from a single charge, LED at medium intensity. Recharging time: approx. 8 hours Warranty Ten (10) Years mechanical and optical parts Two (2) Years electrical SFX-31 Technical Datasheet Download File SFX-32 Technical Datasheet Download File SFX/STEREO User’s Manual Download File OPTIKA SFX Binocular Stereo Microscope on Pillar Stand – Rechargeable

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