OPTIKA ST-155 Large Stand w/ Incident & Transmitted LED Illumination


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ST-155 Specifications Illumination White LED incident and transmitted illumination system, with independent intensity controls using knobs at both sides of the base. LED power 3W, comparable to an halogen bulb 30W. Color temperature: 6300K LED average life time approx. 50,000h. Voltage: 110/240Vac, 50/60Hz, 0.45 A; Fusibile: T2A 250V Max. power required: 7W Focusing By means of a rack and pinion controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the head holder. Tension of focusing can be adjusted. The head holder can slide along the fixed arm. Dimensions Base: 330 x 285 mm Fixed arm: height 305 mm Compatible OPTIKA Microscopes: SZM-B SZM-T SZN-B SZN-T SZP-6 SZP-6E SZP-8 SZP-8E SZP-10 SZP-10E OPTIKA ST-155 Large Stand With Incident & Transmitted LED Illumination

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Weight 20 lbs