OPTIKA SZ-STL5 Flexible Arm Stand w/ Table Clamp & Wall Mount


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Highly versatile flexible arm stand, 360°rotating, ideal for industrial applications. It comes complete of head holder with focusing system and all the supports for table clamp and wall mount. Small footprint is ensured when not in use, saving valuable space on the bench. Specifications Weight Capacity 3kg~8kg Maximum Extension 577mm Depth from Pole (Closed) 75mm Tilt adjustment ±90° Swing adjustment ±90° Illumination This stand has no illumination system, but it can be used with external illuminators (halogen, LED, optical fibers) Focusing By means of a rack and pinion controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the head holder. It can be fixed to a bench or mounted to wall, using the provided accessories Compatible OPTIKA Microscopes: SZM-B SZM-T SZN-B SZN-T SZP-6 SZP-6E SZP-8 SZP-8E SZP-10 SZP-10E OPTIKA SZ-STL5 Flexible Arm Stand With Table Clamp & Wall Mount

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Weight 25 lbs