OPTIKA SZ-STLX Ball-Bearing Overhanging Boom Stand


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Extremely stable, long overhanging stand complete of head holder and focusing system for observation of particularly large specimens. The head can be easily swiveled and tilted for inspection at oblique angles. Smooth horizontal and vertical movements are ensured. In case illumination is needed, choose from the wide choice of external illuminators available. *** Head not included.*** Specifications Base dimensions 210 x 257 mm. Pillar Ø32 x 425 mm. Horizontal arm 750 mm (movement range 330 mm). Swivel 360° Tilt 180° Weight 16.25 kg Compatible OPTIKA Microscopes: SZM-B SZM-T SZN-B SZN-T SZO-B SZO-T SZP-6 SZP-6E SZP-8 SZP-8E SZP-10 SZP-10E OPTIKA SZ-STLX Ball-Bearing Overhanging Boom Stand

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Weight 55 lbs